BSB50215 - Diploma in Business

About this Course

The world of business is forever changing, the past five years has seen drastic changes across the business environment and throughout the world. With leaders of industries surging on and breaking through to maintain their sustainable advantages like Virgin, Red-Bull, GE, Apple, Tesla...

What separates them from the rest? How do they do what they do? In this program we look at the business structures, growth plans, life cycles and other areas that allow you to build sustainable business models. Staff first, customers second and Shareholders third – Sir Richard Branson

This qualification enables participants to learn modern day business theories and applications necessary in running a successful business. Those wishing to undertake this qualification can look forward to developing their business skills and knowledge. The Diploma in Business will allow the participant to:

  •     Build competitive marketing strategies
  •     Develop businesses through designing sustainable policies and procedures
  •     Foresee and plan for business risk
  •     Manage and develop business financials
  •     Understand the laws that apply to your specific industry
  •     Understanding the positives and negatives of business growth.
  •     Create innovative practices to gain a sustainable business model